January 2022


Methamphetamine is a drug that is highly addictive. People who use this drug can have some serious long-term side effects which can be proved harmful for their physical health, mental health as well as physical appearance. It is sometimes tough to identify a drug user, but a methamphetamine drug user is easy to identify because the negative effects of this substance are quite concerning. One can see their meth faces if they look at an image of a person before and after they use this substance.

What is meth face?

Meth face includes dental problems, skin problems, and the overall deterioration of the face. Meth users usually scratch at the skin, as they want to remove the fictitious meth bugs from their faces.

Two methods are responsible for meth face that includes the mechanism of how the body metabolism this drug as well as the behavior of the individual. This drug irritates the person, and as a result of this, the individual scratches their face and gets several scars, scabs on the face.

Consequences of the meth face

  • The physical appearance of an individual is lost, and one can easily spot that the particular individual is addicted to the drug by just looking at the face.
  • The people who are addicted to this drug are not able to go to parties. Because of the condition of their face that worst along with the time.
  • It becomes difficult for them to go on their work because with time the number of scars increases on the face and they are not able to make new friends as a result of this they cannot enjoy their life to the fullest

Meth is a drug that affects the mental health, physical health, and physical appearance of an individual. And as a part of their hallucination, they try to remove the meth bugs from the face and all over the body. But in doing so, they harm themselves, and if they use this drug for the long-term, it can be harmful to the family members also.