Missing teeth can be a big aesthetic concern, which lowers your self-esteem. You may hesitate to smile freely and find it tough to chew certain foods. However, dental implants can replace tooth roots and restore your beautiful smile. With the help of a dentist in Hollywood, FL, you can always get dental implants. But why should you get them? Here are the key reasons:

  • Stable and Secure

Dentures and bridges are good options to get back your lost smile. However, dentures can crack, slip and lose bone. A bridge can cause decay and bone loss below the bridge. But, dental implants can restore a smile without such disadvantages. 

They are screws or posts, which replace the tooth roots and blend with the jawbone. The dental implants quickly get stable and secure like a natural root. Then, the doctor places crowns looking like real teeth on the top of the posts/screws to create a natural appearance.  

  • Single or Multiple Missing Tooth

A doctor has a dental implant solution for one or multiple missing teeth. You don’t need to worry about where inside your mouth you have a missing tooth. A dentist in Hollywood, FL can position implants anywhere inside your mouth. 

  • Chew Foods Easily

As dentures are a foreign element, they can cause discomfort and pain. Eating gets tough wearing them as you have to chew on both sides of your mouth with your back teeth. With dental implants, you chew food with permanent teeth. You can chew all types of food, be it an apple or a juicy steak. 

  • Prevent Dental Disorders

Bacteria tends to accumulate in the gaps caused by the missing teeth, which develops into cavities and gum diseases. Teeth on any side of such gaps like to shift to the gap, which causes biting issues. Dental implants prevent bacteria from getting inside teeth and gaps from moving to fill the vacant spaces. It saves further dental issues and future medical expenses. 

The Bottomline

Getting dental veneers in Hollywood, FL can always be a great investment because of the reasons above. Once you get rid of the missing teeth and restore your bright smile, you feel much more confident than before. Consult a dentist soon who can check your missing teeth and then install dental veneers to give you a naturally enhanced look. 

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