Having a Shelby Township family dentist can give your entire family a wealth of benefits, from improved oral health to more time saved. In this blog post, we list the seven best benefits of having a family dentist in Shelby Township.

  • Eliminates dental anxiety

When you have a family dentist, the entire family can get used to the idea that going to the dentist is simply part of the routine. This way, you can avoid dental anxiety and keep your teeth healthy and clean in an atmosphere of relaxed familiarity. Moreover, you can also take advantage of family dentists’ preventive services, including hygiene checks and cleanings.

  • More convenient

A family dentist provides more convenient hours than a general dentist. This is especially useful for parents who work and therefore can’t get out in the middle of the day for a visit to the dentist. Of course, this will also be very convenient for parents with young children because their dentist can work with their schedule.

  • Knows your family dental history

When you have a family dentist, the memories of your parents’ dentist visits will be available for your kids and your children’s spouses. This ensures that your kids will get the best care possible and that the dentistry you need won’t be done by someone who’s not really familiar with your family history.

  • Lasting relationship

A family dentist is more likely to have a long-lasting relationship with your entire family. He or she knows you and will, therefore, understand your dental needs and what you want to achieve. This level of understanding means that the dentist can work more efficiently with your entire family, which increases the amount of time each member saves on medical care.

  • Regular and consistent services

A family dentist ensures consistent, regular, and frequent checkups. This can help you prevent major problems, including oral cancer or tooth decay, and effectively fight off cavities.

  • Preventative care

A family dentist is also a great resource for preventive care since he or she can provide you with a list of other services to choose from that may help prevent oral problems in the first place. 

  • Emergency dental services

In case you’re in a bind and need immediate dental help, a family dentist is also your go-to person. This way, he or she can help with the immediate problem you’re facing and may also be able to offer solutions for future problems.

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