Pectus excavatum in a woman is a condition where the women have a distinctively sunken chest. There is a concave breastbone or sternum that may be present within their body from birth. This particular condition might also appear during the adolescence stage of an individual. However, there is nothing to worry about in this condition as it is one of the most common chest wall irregularities that is noticed – among children.

This condition can arise within an individual if a family member already has this condition. There is a specific gene that has been noticed that causes sunken chests within individuals. In women, it has also been noticed that some can chest occur due to a developmental issue that takes place during pregnancy.

There are several different treatments that can be utilized to fix chest conditions; however, it entirely depends upon the kind of condition that an individual suffers from.

A sunken chest as a condition is considered as a progressive condition among adults. This further signifies that as a person gets older, the depth of the chest appears more sunken, and it eventually increases. It is usually suggested that an individual must not go for the surgery option unless they are experiencing difficulties.

  • Exercise

There are several breathing exercises that individuals who are suffering from this particular condition can do in order to improve their posture. Therefore these exercises might benefit individuals who have a mild to a moderate condition of the sunken chest and, therefore they, do not want to opt for surgery.

The first exercise that an individual can indulge in is chest expansion. In chest expansion, the individual is required to stand as straight as possible and further pull their shoulders back. Then they must take a full deep breath and further hold it for 10 seconds. Repeat this particular process for 20 times.

Another great exercise is the black straightening one. In a standing position where the fingers interlace with one another, and then the head is pulled further behind. The elbow is then put further in order to help the chest open up more.

  • Surgery

Several individuals might consider going for a Cosmetic surgery in order to help them recover from the condition of pectus excavatum in a woman. Individuals who feel self-conscious about their chest might go for this particular surgery.

However, going for a surgery due to a sunken chest is commonly noticed among women. Consult with your cosmetic surgeon regarding the best and more suitable kind of surgery option for your sunken chest condition. Further, the surgeon might recommend a surgery option that is minimally invisible and will further help you to get into a better condition. Surgery must always be considered as the last stage of option for the sunken chest condition.

To Sum It Up

Are you suffering from a pectus excavatum, woman? Then in such a case, it is best that you consult with your physician regarding finding a cure to help you fix the condition. This particular condition is not an alarming one; however, individuals often seek alternative care to eradicate the condition.

This condition can be developed by an individual during their birth, or it can be developed during adolescence stages. Study through the following article to learn all about the condition and what the different treatments one can go for.


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