Stepping into the office of your cosmetic dentist Orlando, you might be thinking of a teeth whitening session or perhaps a veneer fitting. But within these walls, a myriad of other common procedures take place that you might not be aware of. A general dentist, especially in a bustling place like Orlando, is your first line of defense against a host of oral health issues. They are the wizards who perform a multitude of necessary procedures to keep that radiant smile on your face. Stick with me, as we delve into the intriguing variety of common procedures performed by a general dentist.

Teeth Cleaning

We’ll begin with the most common procedure – teeth cleaning. It’s more than just brushing and flossing. The dentist uses special tools to remove plaque and tartar build-up that regular home dental care can’t manage. This twice-yearly ritual helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease.


Ever had a cavity? If so, you’ve experienced a filling procedure. The dentist drills out the decayed portion of the tooth and fills it with a material like resin or amalgam. It’s a simple, routine procedure to save the tooth from further damage.

Root Canals

When decay reaches the tooth’s nerve, a root canal becomes necessary. This procedure involves removing the nerve and pulp inside the tooth, cleaning the area, and sealing it. It sounds scary, but it actually relieves pain and saves the tooth.


Sometimes a tooth can’t be saved and must be removed. This is common with severe decay, infection, or overcrowding. An extraction may cause temporary discomfort, but it protects your mouth from further issues.

Crowns and Bridges

When damage or decay is too extensive for a filling, a crown may be necessary. It’s a cap that covers the tooth to restore its shape, size, and function. When one or more teeth are missing, a bridge may be used. It’s a series of crowns that fill the gap and protect the surrounding teeth.

Orthodontic Treatment

Many general dentists also offer orthodontic treatments. This includes braces and aligners to correct teeth alignment and bite issues. It’s not just for kids – adults can benefit too!

So there you have it. Your general dentist is a master of many skills, all aimed at keeping your teeth healthy and your smile bright. Next time you visit your cosmetic dentist Orlando, remember, they do much more than just make your teeth look good. They help ensure your oral health for a lifetime of beautiful smiles.


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