Having teeth discoloration or stains can disrupt your confidence when you are in a public setting. However, teeth discoloration can occur due to age, dietary choices, lack of dental care, etc. 

Sometimes it can be the person’s fault, and it might be an unavoidable circumstance due to the person suffering from yellow teeth. Whatever the reason, teeth whitening can help you overcome any stains or marks on your teeth that show uneven color distribution. 

Moreover, teeth whitening also makes your teeth stronger. The chemicals used in the process have several bacteria-killing agents. So visit the teeth whitening Fort Lauderdale dentist today to get healthier and brighter teeth. 

Essential steps of professional teeth whitening 

  • Testing the natural shade of your teeth 

Often when a patient goes for a teeth whitening procedure, the dentist first checks the natural shade of their teeth. This is a crucial step as your entire teeth whitening process depends upon the shade in which your teeth naturally exist. To make it look as natural as possible, the dentist will first run through some tests to find the actual color and then decide the degree to which your teeth must be whitened. 

The whiteness is determined by the concentration of the whitening solution that the dentist will apply to your teeth. Hence checking the shade of your teeth is vital to ensure the best results.

  • Cleaning and polishing your teeth 

After checking your teeth’ color, the dentist will ensure your teeth are thoroughly cleaned. While you might think that your teeth are clean because you brush and floss regularly, there are still tiny amounts of plaque that get stuck, which you cannot remove. The dentist will use some machines and tools to clean your teeth. 

This step ensures the whitening solution gives the best results and comes directly in contact with the teeth’ surface. Moreover, cleaning and polishing your teeth helps the dentist to know what amount and staining your teeth are affected by and how dark it is. Depending on that, the dentist will decide how much whitening solution will be required to brighten your teeth. 

  • Applying the whitening agent 

Once the dentist has checked everything and cleaned your teeth, they begin to apply the whitening agent to the affected area of your teeth to balance the color. 

The teeth are coated by a bleaching agent known as hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is considered the best whitening solution for your teeth. The whiting solution covers the outer side of your teeth, and the posterior side is left as it is. 

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