Technology has more or less evolved anyone and everyone these days. No needs and necessities of a person can be ignored in any circumstances. Telemedicine caters a fantastic way out and substitutes a brick-and-mortar clinic geography to gain real-time advice and recommendations on treatment choices.

Free doctor consultation online with many doctors is available to serve many of your unavoidable complications. Your health is the major one; no such job can be done to offer a threat to your life.

Hence, if you are getting going with any specific disease or ailment, it’s immensely suggested to go and see a doctor online for free of cost.

1.     Is there any chance of talking again to the same doctor?

All your appointments are kept separately, and they will be visible to you on your phone’s home screen.

      You can carry this on, consulting the same doctor by choosing a particular conversation on your home screen.

      If, in any case, your 3-day charting period is over, then you are required to consult the same doctor afresh.

      This can be done by paying for the consultation to kick start a new meeting with the same doctor once more.

They will possess your medical history, test results, and personal information, which you adjoined earlier during those three meetings. Paying fees is a condition only in a few cases, but you can get free doctor consultations online.

2.     How to yield a refund if the meeting with the doctor did not gel well?

If due to some causes, you are not satisfied with the results, interaction power, and quality of the consultation, you always have an option of requesting back your money.

You can do so by emailing the specific site where your appointment was finalized. You are expected to be given a result as soon as possible. This is yet another benefit of services of free doctor consultation online when compared to offline doctors.

3.     What will happen if somehow the chat option is not available?

After building up an online consultation meeting, you can always scroll through the ‘Appointments’ tab. You should choose the tab of ‘Active Appointments’ and select the appointment card.

Now press on the tab of ‘Prepare for Consult.’ You will be commanded to a window for chatting. You are supposed to enter the asked information, and you’re entirely ready to have a chat with a specialist at your chosen time.

Parting thoughts

The assistance of free doctor consultation online is designed for you to act as a helping hand in times of need. If you want to access more detailed information regarding this topic; and if you are also keen to explore how the Bajaj Finserv Health app operates, you can always witness it on our website.

Taking your health lightly might lead you to some severe life-threatening problems afterward. Hence, go through this information and the above-mentioned website and book your appointment with a doctor for free, as soon as possible.

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