Most people would agree that a smile is essential to a person’s overall appearance, which is why many people decide to straighten their teeth. However, which option is better when straightening your teeth: Invisalign or braces? Although both serve similar purposes, there are also some key differences. Talking to someone at a dental office in Drexel Hill can help you get answers to your questions and determine which options are more suited for you. 

How do braces and Invisalign work? 

Braces are made of transparent metal brackets fastened to the teeth and tightened with wires and, in certain cases, rubber bands. This gives braces a great deal of force to move teeth. Monthly adjustments and tightening of the braces are required to shift misaligned teeth into alignment. Even the most severely misaligned teeth can be corrected with braces. 

Invisalign is a series of translucent plastic trays that are rigid but flexible enough to fit over the whole dental arch. They are made using 3D scans of the patient’s teeth. New trays are provided every two weeks to gradually shift the teeth into alignment. Invisalign is most effective for minor to moderate crookedness and crowding. More severe misalignment may be corrected with Invisalign, but it takes much longer than traditional braces. 

Which is faster? 

The severity of the person’s dental and facial issues determines how much time is required to fix them. Your dentist would be able to provide a more accurate estimate of how long you would have to use braces or Invisalign based on your dental issues. However, as a rough estimate, metal braces often require 20 to 24 months, and Invisalign takes around 7 to 18 months. 

What is the price difference between braces and Invisalign? 

The cost of any treatment varies depending on the region, the specific dentist or orthodontist used for treatment, and the intricacy of the case. Before initiating any treatment, discussing the prices with your doctor is best. 

However, braces cost around $2,000 to $6,000, and Invisalign can cost anywhere between $3,000 to $7,000. 

Which one should you choose? 

The discussion of whether you require braces or Invisalign should always happen with a licensed dentist. Only a dentist can help you pick the correct option based on your teeth and dental issues. If you are trying to choose between braces and Invisalign, schedule an appointment with a dentist today. 

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