Have a runny nose? Eye irritation? Sore throat? Headache? Wheezing? Sneezing? If you are experiencing any of these or a combination of these; it is safe to assume you are being exposed to mold spores. Mold can be found in the dark and damp areas of your house or workplace. Mold spores from outside when released in air, find pathway to your homes, and in the right conditions, survive. Identifying mold is simple since it gives out a peculiar odor and is even visible. 

Getting rid of molds as soon as you recognize their breeding is always a good option. They can spread like wildfire through enough moisture and oxygen. However, dealing with mold contamination by yourself can be risky; therefore, hiring reliable services like Multisinistres Decontamination is always a good idea. 

Here are a few health risks associated with mold contamination-

Usually mold causes basic allergies, but with people having other health complications, mold can be a little more dangerous. 

1] Infections

Mostly people can inhale mold and be fine without experiencing any complication, but people having underlying issues like asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), compromised immune system, cystic fibrosis, tuberculosis can catch infections. A few common infections include-

  • a) Aspergillosis: experience fever, weakness, discomfort, and in severe cases, cough with blood.
  • b) Histoplasmosis: fever, dry cough, chest pain, joint pain, red bumps on your lower legs are a few symptoms. In severe cases, symptoms may include excessive sweating, shortness of breath etc.
  • c) Sporotrichosis: experience a small bump that can be red, pink, or purple; which may be painful to touch. It can turn to an ulcer if not treated in time.
  • d) Valley fever (Coccidioidomycosis): one may experience loss of appetite, shortness of breath, weight loss etc. 

2] Asthma

Prolonged exposure to molds can trigger asthma attacks in patients of asthma and may lead to initiation of asthma in young children. 

 3] Pneumonitis

This is a more severe reaction to mold exposure. It causes an inflammation of the lungs. 

Apart from this, general discomfort, headaches are a few common issues. Minor molds can be dealt with by using commercial products, keeping windows open, wearing a face mask. But in case of widespread mold, which is not reachable, it is better to seek professional help. 

Mold may not always be dangerous but it is always better to live hygienically and avoid every cause that might harm your health.  

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