Bright eyes will enhance your attractiveness and facial beauty. It will give you the unique beauty that others can only admire. When talking about beauty, you cannot ignore the effect of the eyes. Changing the color of your eyes will result in a massive difference in your appearance. So, is there a possibility of changing the color of your eyes? The answer is a resounding yes. For years, people have sought ways of getting their desired eye color. That forced some to settle for temporary options like wearing contact lenses. 

Fortunately, there are permanent solutions for changing eye color. Since the procedure is new, people have shared negative info about them. Most people are discouraged from changing the color of their iris due to perceived risks. However, many interested persons have undergone successful procedures. To increase the success rate of this process, look for a qualified and experienced cosmetologist. Listed here are the existing cosmetology methods for permanent eye color change. 

Kerato Pigmentation 

Kerato pigmentation is one of the corneal staining or eye color-changing procedures. During this procedure, the cosmetologist will create a laser tunnel in the cornea. He will then insert the desired colored pigments into that tunnel. That will cause the eyes to change in color permanently. Before this procedure, the expert will administer anesthetic eye drops or local anesthesia to numb pain. Most experienced specialists have performed kerato pigmentation. In Iran, cosmetic experts have provided kerato for over ten years. Its success is attracting many people desiring to brighten their eye color. 

According to the experts, this is the simplest procedure compared to permanent eye color change surgery and the laser technique. You also don’t have to wait for results. That is because they are visible after its completion. Despite being a permanent method for changing eye color, it gives you the freedom to reverse its results. The cosmetologist can also reverse the results of this process. That allows kerato users to change their eye color whenever they desire. 

Lens Implantation 

Lens implantation is a surgical method that has attracted some individuals. Surgery is necessary when treating genetic eye complications or injuries like aniridia (complete loss of the iris) or coloboma (a loss of a part of the iris). Through surgical processes, opticians can prevent blindness. The cosmetic method also follows the same principle. The only difference is that cosmetic surgery is for beauty purposes. During the surgery, the cosmetologist will implant a lens with your desired color. Don’t overlook the side effects of the surgical process. This procedure requires a highly equipped facility and a specialist doctor to guarantee its success. You must learn how to change your eye color using the surgical procedure with minimal risks. 

Laser Eye Color Change

The human iris has a brown pigment called melanin. After reducing the melanin content, the eye color will automatically become green, blue, or lighter due to the light’s reflection on the iris. Based on this fact, researchers have sought ways of reducing the melanin content to lighten the iris. They discovered that laser technology is very effective in doing this work. This procedure is safer, and it only requires 15-minute sessions daily. You won’t be hospitalized because it is less invasive. Its results are permanent and irreversible, unlike the kerato pigmentation. 


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