In their attempts to reverse an aging body, people are finding ways to avoid the involvement of plastic surgery. Thankfully, the increase in the aesthetic technology has given surging non-surgical options like Ultraformer III. It uses the latest technology of High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) that provides outstanding outcome that need no slice and also there is no need for extra time to downtime. 

What is the Ultraformer?

The Ultraformer (ultraformer คือ, term in Thai) is the most advanced machine based on so called HIFU technology. This technology allows to focus the energy exactly at the layers of skin and deeper tissue. These focused sunlight rays enhance a precisely controlled heating process which stimulating the body’s natural collagen production mechanism. Collagen being a key protein which is responsible for skin thickness and firmness it tends to play a key role in maintenance of a youthful, lifted and contoured appearance.

Benefits of Ultraformer Treatment

1. Non-Surgical and Minimally Invasive

Unlike conventional cosmetic surgeries, Ultraformer procedure is non-surgical, this translating to no incisions, medications, general anesthesia or prolonged downtime. This means in simple words that the patient will be less uncomfortable with reduced risk of complications contributing to a quicker recovery. 

2. Lifting and Tightening

It is the Ultraformer that lifts sagging skin of face and neck, with such conditions as jowls and wrinkles appearing almost erased. This lifting and tightening effect to the skin is achieved by the stimulation of collagen production, so a younger contour is again achieved. 

3. Body Contouring

On top of the face lifting procedure, there is also an option to use Ultraformer for body reshaping. It eliminates fat caprices and facilitates the removal of loose skin in areas such as the abdomen, thighs, and arms; this has the impact of bringing out a sculpted and toned body. 

4. Collagen Remodeling

Besides that, Ultraformer is a kind of ultrasound that is capable to stimulate the regeneration of collagen in the innermost layers of skin. The process of this ongoing improvement is meant to assure the performance of lasting enhancements, so as to keep up a fresh and glowing complexion all the time. 

5. Customizable Treatment

The Ultraformer offers plenty of versatility, as it is adjustable to attend to specific needs, and desired cosmetic face renovation.

The Treatment Process

Taking a Ultraformer treatment, the patient should consult an experienced dermatologist or a cosmetic professional in advance. They will analyze your skin situation, talk about your aspirations, and come up with a personalized treatment routine. Equipping the HIFU device is being performed by means of the ultrasound gel which is used to cover the area where there is a target, and then the handheld device is being used to deliver accurate HIFU energy. 


However, although some may feel a little bit uncomfortable, facial tingling, or prickling, this treatment is usually well tolerated by patients. The Ultraformer holds the property of causing a reduction in visible signs of aging without requiring any recovery period, thus enabling you to get back to your normal life activities right away after the session. 


Unleashing Vigor and vitality through the assistance of Ultraformer


In case the non-surgical approach is your preference to lift, tighten, and contour, you should try the Ultraformer, because this is an excellent option to explore. As it boosts collagen production and support skin revitalization, this latest technique is fairly safe and a good method to demonstrate a new and energetic version of yourself. 


It is very crucial to take a dermatologist or a cosmetic specialist consultation in order to know if the Ultraformer is the right path for your specific condition and objectives. In addition, make them able to respond to your questions and talk about any possible complications and side effects as well as help you through the process of treatment delivering best results and leaving you at ease.

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