Vegetable glycerin is a versatile compound used in food products, cosmetics, sanitizers, and lubricants. The odorless and sweet-smelling compound is derived from soybean, palm, and coconut oil.

Before purchasing this product, you might be thinking “Is glycerin halal?” Well, the answer to this question largely depends on the source of its ingredients. Although animal-based glycerin is available on the market, plant-based glycerin is halal.

Vegetable glycerin has gained a tremendous popularity in the cosmetic industry. Its health benefits range from improving your skin condition to providing better hydration. Besides, vegan glycerin promotes gut health.

5 uses of plant-based glycerin

Let’s check out the wide plethora of benefits of plant-based glycerin.

  1. Ingredient for food and cosmetics
  • Vegetable glycerin finds an extensive use in cosmetics, food, and pharmaceutical products. Often, people add glycerin to food so that water and oil-based ingredients properly mix. The final product also gets sweetened and moisturized on adding vegetable glycerin.
  • Glycerin also prevents frozen food from developing ice crystals. Using glycerin in ice creams, yogurt, or desserts, you keep away ice crystals.
  • Some pharmaceutical drugs to dream cough and heart issues contain glycerin.
  • Common items like toothpaste, soaps, lotions, soaps, and deodorants contain plant-based glycerin.
  1. Moisturizing skin

The moisturizing capability of vegetable glycerin makes it an effective agent for skincare. Applying glycerin to your skin makes it smooth and supple. Some creams with glycerin as one of their ingredients can hydrate your skin in a week or so.

Creams containing glycerin are even more effective compared to the ones containing hyaluronic acid and silicone oil. It helps in retaining moisture in the skin and enhancing skin conditions.

  1. Keeps skin irritation at bay

Using products containing vegetable glycerin on your skin keeps irritations at bay and helps in healing wounds. These products can protect your skin against microbes, and soothe wounded or inflamed skin. Besides, vegetable glycerin secures tender skin against cold and wind. So, your skin won’t dry up too fast on exposure to these elements.

  1. Helps in reducing constipation

The laxative effect of vegetable glycerin helps in reducing constipation issues. This product draws water into the gut, resulting in the laxative effect that helps digested food pass smoothly through your gut. No wonder, why vegetable glycerin has gained popularity as a suppository.

Particularly, if the constipation results from pain-killing medication, glycerin suppositories prove to be even more effective.

Also, glycerin enema works 16.5% better than liquid soap enema in relieving constipation.

  1. Boosts athletic performance and hydration

Vegetable glycerin can enhance hydration in your system, which translates to better athletic performance. In case you experience excessive sweat loss, dehydration can affect your physical activities. Make sure to consume adequate amounts of liquids during high physical activities. Also, consume food products containing vegetable glycerin to keep your system hydrated.

Where to purchase vegetable glycerin from?

Reach out to one of the reputed online sellers to purchase genuine vegetable glycerin. These products are authentically sourced only from plant sources. Therefore, they are completely halal and safe to use. Many buyers procure vegetable glycerin online through trusted websites these days. You can also check the ingredient list of these products while purchasing the products. Visit authentic online stores to purchase glycerin online at affordable costs.


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