Your dentist will do everything to save a natural tooth. However, there are many reasons why you may need to go for an extraction. While that may sound scary, it is one of the most common procedures in dentistry. If you have pervasive tooth decay or a wisdom tooth that is impacted, an extraction may be necessary. Meet a dentist in Midtown Manhattan, NY, to know whether you can consider other procedures to avoid an extraction. In this post, we are discussing more about extractions and what to expect from the procedure.

Reasons for tooth extractions

  1. Deep decay: If you have deep decay inside a tooth, which has impacted the root canals, your dentist may initially consider root canal therapy. When that is not an option, an extraction is the only viable way to get rid of the pain.
  2. Extra teeth. An extra tooth can impact the adjacent teeth and cause pain. For the remaining teeth to realign, an extraction may be necessary.
  3. Periodontal disease: Also known as gum disease, advanced periodontal disease may cause massive damage to the underlying bone and gums, which may cause the loosening of teeth. An extraction is necessary when there is no way to keep a tooth in place.
  4. Orthodontic treatment. In some cases, dentists may have to remove a tooth for the orthodontic device to fit correctly so that the remaining teeth can be adjusted.
  5. Fractured tooth. If you have a tooth that’s fractured and cannot be saved with RCT, an extraction could be recommended.

Does the procedure hurt?

If yours is a simple tooth extraction, you may not feel as much pain or discomfort as your dentist will use a local anesthetic agent. An instrument is used to rock the impacted tooth, following which the dentist removes it with a pair of forceps. Surgical extractions may be essential in other cases. If a tooth is impacted, invisible, or inaccessible, an incision is made into the gum tissue, or the tooth could be broken into many pieces to complete the extraction. There is local anesthesia for surgical extractions, which means that there is no pain involved.

Talk to your oral health care provider

Let your oral health care provider know if you have diabetes or other health conditions. Most people can withstand a tooth extraction, and you can consider various cosmetic options to replace the missing tooth. Living with a decayed tooth can be more dangerous, and if your dentist has already tried RCT but with no success, extraction is usually the last resort.


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